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Business process improvement based on Salesforce platform to help you create better, relevant connections with your customers and stakeholders.

First, evaluating business processes to see if improvements can be made without new technology.


Second, examining how technology can help make process more efficient to give you more time to work smarter not harder.

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is one of the most versatile CRMs, and so much more... from a world-class back office, to a fully integrated customer experience.

We can drive configuration and settings to to fit your business processes.  We can help import your current data from different CRM, spreadsheets or post-it notes and kickoff application after needed training and transition from old system.   

Process/Continuous Improvement

Are your folks doing what you say they are doing?  Have they developed better ways of getting work done or working against a process because of misinformation or old requirements?


When was the last time you really looked at what each person does, how long a process takes when it involves several people, what are typical delays in process and asked the questions of ‘why are you doing that’ with fresh, innocent, non-judgemental spectacles?  


We can help address what is essential to adding customer-value or regulatory requirements and what is “that is the way I was trained” to map the best process.

Project Management

We can develop plan for implementation and transition that progresses the organization forward without extra stress often associated with change. Deliverables and requirements will be clear and transparent so you know what is and is not part of the project.


The end goal is to provide you and your organization with tools and knowledge to realize business objective and deliver value.

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